Kick off your

next phase of

fitness through

social interaction

Find support from a vast fitness community, share tips and reach your goals together

Our Vision is to change the current dynamics within gyms and fitness centres, We believe by providing a social platform tailored to those with an interest in health, fitness and sports we will be able to do so.

Flx will be the home for anyone wanting to better themselves physically, mentally and socially.

Each and every person is different, so why all have the same generic profiles? At Flx we want our users to be in complete control.

Users will be able to fully customise their profiles too best suit their style and preferences. 

Fantastic Features at your Fingertips

Flx offers full control over your fitness journey,

check out our unique features!


Message friends directly on the platform using Flx Chat. Plan your next session with your gym partner or organise a meet up with your group chat.


You love to live in the moment right?

Share experiences live with friends and see what others are up to using our interactive story feature.

Personalised Topics

You are in control, switch between different sporting and fitness topics at the push of a button!

Personalise Your Fitness

Customise your Flx profile the way you like it with profile pictures, bio, and personal goals.

Its your time to shine.

Exercise Features

Flx offers an expansive list of exercises for you to choose from and have been designed to be used whilst at the gym or even working out from home

all you need to do is scroll, tap and lift! 

Create Workouts

You're in control; create a personal workout by selecting exercises from the list

Scheduling workouts

We know it's sometimes hard to get a workout in; with our Workout scheduling feature you can plan ahead and set reminders for you to grow your gains.

Tracking Activity

Track the time, distance, route & location of your morning jog, run like the wind!

A small group of Millennials with a vision & plan to revolutionise the health and fitness community.

An all in one social network with the YOUR health and fitness at heart

Are YOU ready to become a part of Flx?


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