5 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks Options.

October 11, 2018


Enjoying a few drinks on a night out can be quite difficult for those counting the calories. Here are 5 low-calorie options you can consider.


White Wine


Red wine has a lot of health benefits due to the antioxidants but this tends to make reds more calorific. If you're counting the calories, white wine tends to have fewer calories then red win.




Drinking Guinness may feel like eating a full on meal, but a glass of Guinness has actually get fewer calories than a Budweiser. If we look at the numbers, Guinness has 126 calories, which is 19 calories less then a Bud. Plus Guinness contains under 10 carbs due to its low alcohol content.




With a 114 ml glass (4 ounces) containing around 85 calories, it's a great alternative from beer and wine.  


Drink Light Beer


If you're a lover of beer, start drinking the light stuff like Bud Light and Coors Light. These beers on average contain around 100 calories and with regular beer containing 250 calories, its a no-brainier.


Gin and soda


G&S does not roll off the tongue like G&T, but here's why you should start adding soda to your gin. Tonic water is made with high fructose corn syrup and contains over 125 calories per can. Instead, use an alternative such as club soda.


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